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Survives Ivan

TeleCayman Survives Ivan20 October 2004

TeleCayman Limited, Cayman’s newest provider of internet and telephone services has survived Hurricane Ivan and is ready to serve the business community. This is despite the fact that TeleCayman, who were due to launch at the end of September, sustained some damage to their equipment in Savannah and West Bay. Their technicians have been working around the clock to reconnect their network in order to provide local businesses, still without Internet or e-mail facilities, with a live connection.

While TeleCayman is able to provide internet and data services, the storm damage has resulted in a short delay in their ability to provide voice products. Gilbert Chalifoux, SVP of Technical Operations commented “We at TeleCayman have enormous sympathy for all residents and businesses in Cayman who have sustained significant losses as a result of Hurricane Ivan. We are very fortunate to have had relatively little and are keen to assist businesses with their Disaster Recovery by providing an alternative carrier for Internet and data. We have prioritized locations including Seven Mile Beach, George Town and South Sound and are working hard to extend this coverage throughout Grand Cayman.”

TeleCayman’s most significant loss has been the resignation of President Gary Mix, who has returned to Canada with his family as a direct result of the storm. Greg Swan, VP of International Development, TeleBermuda International says,”It is with regret that we say goodbye to Gary. In his brief time at TeleCayman he has been an asset to the team, providing a pivotal role in building the company and preparing TeleCayman for launch. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

“TeleBermuda International applauds the efforts of the TeleCayman team on their post-Ivan recovery efforts and will continue to wholeheartedly support them through this time of transition.”

Any businesses requiring internet service within the Seven Mile Beach, George Town or South Sound areas are invited to contact the offices of TeleCayman Limited on 769-1000.

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